Estate Administration

Our Tax, Trusts and Estates team have acted for many generations of families and executors and trustees ranging from relatively simple to highly complex estates and adopt a caring and sensitive approach in those very difficult days after a loved one has died.

Whether you need help dealing with one aspect or the entire administration of an estate, we offer a range of bespoke services, focused on your particular needs.

Our services cover:

  • Estate administration – advice on all aspects. We can assist with matters relating to probate including registering a death, organising a funeral, clearing and maintaining an unoccupied property, notifying asset providers of the death, arranging valuations of property and contents, applying for the Grant of Probate, gathering the assets of the estate, arranging distributions to beneficiaries, completing the final tax affairs and preparing estate accounts.
  • Intestacy – when a person dies without a valid Will, their estate will be distributed in accordance with the Intestacy Rules. This will depend on the deceased marital status, whether there are any children and other surviving family members and we can help explain these complex rules to you, assist in tracing any missing beneficiaries and advise on the administration of the estate.
  • Beneficiaries – advice on your entitlement and rights. We have specialist lawyers who can also assist in cases of contested Wills or where you do not believe you are receiving your beneficial entitlement.
  • Trusts – advising trustees on their obligations and powers. Trusts can be highly complex legal instruments and we can advise you on how a Trust works and the tax implications of setting one up. We will provide you with a clear understanding of your legal duties and responsibilities as Trustees.
  • Inheritance tax mitigation – advice on deeds of variation and disclaimers. These can be important and useful tools to mitigate inheritance tax and we can explain these in details to you and prepare the necessary documents. There is a strict two year time limit to prepare Deeds of Variation from the date of death.
  • Probate only applications – when you wish to carry out most of the administration yourself, leaving us to prepare the HM Revenue & Customs forms and the probate court application
  • Firm appointed executors – when members of the firm’s limited liability partnership act as executors and we administer the whole estate as detailed above.
  • Wills, trusts and estate disputes – advice to personal representatives and beneficiaries relating to contentious issues arising from wills and estates.

For more information please contact a member of the Tax Trusts & Estate team at your local office or email us. Alternatively, you can complete our online enquiry form.

Or why not download one of our free PDF fact sheets:

For more information please contact a member of our team


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