Accidents at Work Claims

If you’re employed, your employer has a duty to provide you with a safe place and safe system of work, whatever your type of job.

If your employer has failed to meet their legally required duties, and you have been injured as a result, you are likely to be entitled to accident at work compensation.

At Griffith Smith, our highly experienced personal injury solicitors regularly advise clients on claiming workplace accident compensation. We can tell you if you are likely to have grounds for a claim, how much you might be entitled to and how the claims process works.

We offer a free initial consultation and no win, no fee accident at works claims funding, so you will not need to pay anything upfront to start a claim.

We have experience in dealing with a wide variety of claims against employers, including:

  • Faulty or inappropriate equipment or machinery
  • Unsafe workplaces
  • Manual handling and lifting accidents
  • Accidents in the construction industry
  • Attacks by patients on employees in the healthcare industry
  • Failures to provide appropriate training or protective equipment

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Frequently asked questions about accident at work claims

Why choose Griffith Smith’s accident at work solicitors?

At Griffith Smith, we are proud to offer a sensitive and personal experience for all our clients no matter their type of accident at work claim. All of our accident at work solicitors are highly experienced in providing outstanding advice and legal service.

We support clients through each step of the claims process, having helped secure compensation for various injuries caused by workplace accidents, including head injuries, brain injuries, fractures, and spinal injuries.

Partner Jenny Ray is an Accredited Member of the Law Society Personal Injury Scheme. Jenny always goes the extra mile with her clients to ensure they get the accident at work compensation they deserve.

To book your appointment, call Jenny Ray on 01273 384 001, email or fill in our simple online enquiry form for a quick response.

Or, if you are interested in finding out more information about how our accident at work solicitors can assist with your claim, head over to our personal injury claims page.

How much can you claim for an accident at work?

The amount of accident at work compensation you can claim will depend on various factors relating to the extent of your injuries and the impact on you, including physically, psychologically and financially.

When calculating the value of compensation, these types of factors will be taken into consideration:

  • PSLA (pain, suffering and loss of amenity) – Lifestyle changes due to your injuries, e.g. impact on your mental health, stopping interests/hobbies
  • Financial losses – Where your injuries prevented you from being able to work
  • Expected financial losses – Where your injuries are expected to stop you from being able to work
  • Home modifications
  • Short- or long-term care
  • Any other financial losses

If you would like to learn more about how much compensation you could receive, we offer a free first consultation with our solicitors who will be able to give an estimate on how much you might be able to claim.

How long does it take to get an accident at work compensation?

There is no set time limit, but if the defendant has admitted liability for the accident and a compensation amount has been offered and accepted by you, it is usually possible to secure compensation relatively swiftly.

How long the claims process takes can vary significantly depending on a number of factors, including:

  • The severity of the injury
  • The recovery times
  • The defendant – whether they agree to accept liability

We will aim to get your compensation to you as quickly as possible, but even the simplest of claims can sometimes take a considerable amount of time.

There are sometimes instances where we can apply for an interim payment on your behalf. This will help to cover any treatment costs whilst waiting for your compensation settlement.

Is there a time limit for workplace accident claims?

Generally, a claimant has three years from the date of accident or the date that they discovered their injuries to start an accident at work claim.

However, there are some circumstances where the claimant has longer than the three-year period to make an accident at work compensation claim.

These types of exceptions can include:

  • If the injured person is under the age of 18 – their parents or legal guardian is able to claim on their behalf, or they can wait until they turn 18, where they will then have until their 21st birthday to make an accident at work claim.
  • If the injured person lacks mental capacity due to mental health or injury – if this is the case, there is no time limit for a ‘litigation friend’ to claim on their behalf.

Can you be fired for making an accident at work claim?

Legally it would be against employment laws for your employer to fire you for making an accident at work claim against the business. When your employer has breached their duty of care, and it has caused you a needless injury, you are completely entitled to make a workplace injury claim.

If you are faced with being fired, harassed, or any other type of unfair treatment due to your accident at work claims compensation, your employer is breaking employment laws, and you are entitled to make an employment claim.

Can you claim accident at work compensation if your employer has gone out of business?

Yes, it is possible to make a claim even if your former employer has gone out of business. This is because the claim will not be brought against the business but against their former insurers.

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We offer a free first consultation with a specialist accident at work solicitor to set out your options and help you decide how to proceed.

To book your appointment, call Jenny Ray on 01273 384 001, email or fill in our simple online enquiry form for a quick response.

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