Areas of law covered

Deborah has acted for clients in connection with will disputes and inheritance claims for 14 years.

Her experience in contested probate includes challenging the validity of wills and lifetime gifts, assisting with claims for provision under the 1975 Act on behalf of both claimants and defendants and raising a proprietary estoppel. She can also assist in contested court of protection matters.

See below some cases she has worked on in respect of Contentious Probate;

  • Assisted Claimant in her 1975 claim for provision to be made to her as a child of the family.
  • Acted for a Defendant in 1975 Act claim which was brought by one of her adult children.
  • Assisted  surviving spouses in their 1975 claims for provision or greater provision to be made for them.
  • Assisted Defendant/beneficiary to secure settlement of 1975 Act claim brought by sibling.
  • Acted for cohabitee  in their 1975 Act claim and that the will was invalid due to undue influence, lack of capacity and proprietary estoppel.
  • Assisted claimant  to succeed in raising a proprietary estoppel and/or a common intention constructive trust which was complicated by the fact that her partner had lost capacity.
  • Assisting client in their claim of  breach of trust, breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duties arising from being executor.
  • Assisting beneficiary to recover an account from the executors, alleging breach of duty, breach of trust and seeking removal of executor.
  • Representing parties in Statutory Will Applications.
  • Defended claim made against estate that the property comprised within estate was subject to a Trust and should not be distributed in accordance with the provisions of the will.
  • Assisted beneficiaries to pursue/defend claims that will was invalid  due to lack of testamentary capacity, want of knowledge and approval and was made due to undue influence.

Brief overview of your career

Deborah qualified as a solicitor with a firm in Surrey in 2005. Most of her experience has been with regional firms and she has also worked in the City. She relocated to Brighton in 2012.

What you offer your clients

Deborah is a keen negotiator and endeavours to resolve disputes at the earliest opportunity to limit the distress, disruption and liability to costs that can be caused by protracted litigation. She is personable and supportive putting clients at ease during what can often be a stressful process.

  • A nice lady and so very helpful, I know it was your job, but you actually cared, so thank you.

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