Navigating the world of business online – Part 1

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As I write this blog from the “office space” that I have created in my flat, I wonder how much longer the world will be in “lock down”.  A question that many people running small businesses will also be pondering.

A simple solution? 

Of course, one place on the planet that has not been locked down, or quarantined, is the internet.  Some companies that have been able to continue doing well in these unprecedented circumstances are those that have no shop front to shut, no rent to pay and no floor staff to send home.

Many small businesses may be considering, or will already have made, the jump to operating online.  Whether they are gyms providing home work outs, or restaurants moving into home delivery, very many businesses and their owners will find themselves working in new ways, and in an environment that they are not familiar with.

There will also be entrepreneurs who see a gap in the market – a new need to fulfil for a captive audience who are now stuck at home.

The fundamentals

The shop front for an online business is its website. To set up a website a domain will need to be purchased and registered and a web designer or developer may need to be employed. Consideration will need to be given to data protection (GDPR is vitally important to an online business), and terms of use will need to be settled.

These all tend to be less expensive to acquire and maintain than physical premises, but they are foundational to the success of an online business. A failure to comply with GDPR can result in a hefty fine, and a client who is unhappy with a service provided where there are no terms of use can leave a business needlessly exposed to economic and reputational risk.

We are here to help

If you are thinking of moving your business online or you are online but would like to double down on any of the issues referred to above, please feel free to pick up the phone. We are here to help.

Author: Griffith Smith LLP