Implementing reforms to the residential leasehold system

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In our Winter 2018 Newsletter I wrote about the Government consultation on implementing reforms to the residential leasehold system in England (here’s a link: The consultation closed in November 2018 and the response has just been published. It is pleasing to see that this contains some eminently sensible proposals for re-balancing the system. There are three main proposals that are relevant to man and woman on the street. These are:

  • A ban on unjustified use of new leases for houses.
  • A ban on ground rents in new flat leases.
  • New rules on the timing and costs of providing replies to management enquiries when a leasehold property is sold.

I will be providing a summary of meaning and effect of these changes over the coming weeks.

Now if the government would only also tell us when these changes will be implemented…

Author: Dan Ongley, LLP Partner and Head of Commercial