Debt Recovery Solicitors

We have successfully assisted hundreds of businesses and individuals recover money owed to them. Often this can be achieved with just one solicitor’s letter.

Our expert debt recovery solicitors can help you take all possible steps to maximise your recovery and protect your commercial interests.

We know that just one unpaid invoice can cause damage to your business and absorb valuable time and resources. In many cases, debts are simple issues of cash flow or poor prioritisation which can be resolved quickly and informally. However, the situation becomes more complex if debtors owe money to more than one person.

We always progress matters as quickly as possible to ensure that available money is secured for you. We’ll keep you informed of our progress and let you know in advance the likely costs of recovery or issuing proceedings if this becomes necessary.

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Our debt recovery expertise

Pre action negotiations

Leaping straight into court action may be attractive, but there are important steps you must take before this is possible.

We find that receiving a letter from a solicitor is often all it takes to get a debtor to engage. Having legal advice on your side during subsequent negotiations is also critical to ensure that you make the best possible recovery.

Our skills include investigating the resources and overall financial ‘health’ of debtors to help our clients weigh up the value of protracted negotiations or taking legal action.

Our service includes:

  • Drafting and service of Letters Before Action/Letters of Claim.
  • Issuing chaser letters.
  • Engaging in settlement negotiations and Alternative Dispute Resolution.
  • Providing advice on any offers of settlement.
  • Locating debtors and investigating their financial resources and ability to pay
  • Drafting settlement agreements
  • Advising on further options, including helping creditors weigh up the costs and benefits of legal action.

Court proceedings

We regularly help individuals and businesses claim unpaid debts through the courts. Our expertise includes:

  • Applying to court for a money judgment covering the debt owed to you, your costs and any interest to which you are entitled.
  • Advice about obtaining a Charging Order to secure your money judgment over the debtor’s property, turning you into a priority creditor.
  • Handling defended money claims, including responding to counter claims.

Enforcement action

We can provide advice about a wide range of enforcement options as well as conduct the legal proceedings on your behalf. As part of our service, we will also be upfront and honest about your prospects of recovery and tailor our advice to maximise your recovery. Our expertise includes:

  • Instructing county court bailiffs to recover the debt.
  • Instructing High Court Enforcement Officers to recover the debt (a faster but more expensive process than using county court bailiffs).
  • Recovering secured debts, such as enforcing Charging Orders and other charges over property.
  • Obtaining a Third Party Debt Order to directly recover the debt from the debtor’s bank account or from whoever holds the debtor’s money.

Insolvency proceedings

If the debtor cannot pay because they are insolvent (their assets are not sufficient to cover their debts), we can provide clear, practical advice about making them bankrupt (if they are an individual) or winding up their business (if they are a company). Our expertise includes:

  • Serving Statutory Demands
  • Filing Bankruptcy Petitions and Winding Up Petitions
  • Handling applications to set aside a Statutory Demand or Petition
  • Representing creditors during defended bankruptcy or winding up proceedings
  • Assisting in the submission of proof of debt with the Official Receiver or Insolvency Practitioner handling the debtor’s insolvency

Why choose Griffith Smith for debt recovery advice?

Fast, cost-effective service

Our proactive team will not hesitate to take the steps needed to maximise your recovery. We know how time consuming and disruptive it can be to commit resources from your business to chasing late payments.

Costs are central to our service. We can help you balance your options with the costs of pursuing various courses of action, providing advice about the options available to you. In many cases, a firm letter from a solicitor is all it takes to convince a debtor to repay. However, we also have practical negotiation skills and extensive experience pursuing unpaid debts in court.

Decades of experience

We have been providing specialist legal services to businesses and individuals across Sussex and the South East for nearly 150 years. We are proud to support our clients over the generations, becoming their go-to trusted advisor to turn to when they are having a legal problem.

With decades of experience in debt recovery behind us, we are able to take a carefully tailored approach, getting to know the ins and outs of your business and applying our legal knowledge to reach a swift and satisfactory resolution that aligns with your commercial goals.

Maximising recoveries while preserving valuable commercial relationships

We know that instructing lawyers to recover unpaid debts is a big step, particularly if you and the debtor have had a long and mostly positive relationship in the past. Our debt recovery lawyers understand that there is a fine balance when pursuing unpaid debts and sometimes, preserving valuable business relationships is the better option in the long run. That is why our goal is to resolve debt issues as swiftly and amicably as possible, avoiding the need for escalation wherever possible.

We are skilled negotiators and are able to settle the vast majority of our clients’ debts without going to court. We specialise in calm but firm discussions to encourage debtors to cooperate, boosting your chances of making a significant recovery without burning bridges.

Ongoing debt recovery services

As well as one-off debt recovery services, we are happy to work on retainer, delivering long-term debt recovery and credit control services to businesses and individuals. While we handle the unpaid debts, you can focus on your business. Our Dispute Resolution team work closely with our wider Commercial Law team to help businesses put in place the right policies, procedures and commercial contracts to enable them to do business with minimal risk.

Speak to our debt recovery lawyers in Brighton and Hassocks

To find out more about our debt recovery services, please contact your local Griffith Smith branch in Brighton or Hassocks.

Or you can get in touch by email or by filling out our simply online enquiry form.

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