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Paisley is starting to come to life…

Paisley is starting to come to life...

4th July 2018

We went to visit the secret Snail HQ yesterday and what a brilliant sight – rows of snails all at their various stages of completion! It was great to meet our artist Emma McGowan and she took us on a mini tour of the other snails and their artists.

Snail HQ is a great space for the artists to work in and gives them a chance to swap tips and tricks when it comes to painting the snail.

Emma has made great progress with Paisley and we can’t wait to visit again!

Here are some sneak peak images from Snail HQ;

Emma McGowan | Snailspace | Brighton     Emma McGowan | Snailspace | Brighton

Emma McGowan | Snailspace | Brighton



Emma has been keeping a Snail diary on her website and you can see her progress here; Snail Diary

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